Hello and welcome to this fresh forum,
where we shall lively discuss, and develop, our mathematical knowledge.

Lively we say, and fresh,
and so we intend it to be, right in the middle of a dying, if not already dead, world.

Not that we are expected to change the lot of it,
nor to speak and act as fully-fledged mathematicians while we probe the discipline for insight and knowledge;
we’re not here for answers, friends, but for questions, no matter how elementary they may sound, because we’ve known, since Socrates and even earlier, that curiosity is the way.

So are you willing to dive in to see wonders and collect gems?
LUFactors is your place to ‘simplify’ the hunting process and find what you’re looking for, and beyond.
It’s now your Brave, New MathemaGical World!

Just .Jump .In. Ask. Then ASK ON.

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