Math with LUF

Let the nerdy party start

Dear fellow human,

Whether you’ve been bitten by the al-math-y bug, or else fallen out with its charm since x made her otherwise graceful way into the equation, you might as well be struggling somewhere along your math-learning journey.

Algebra or calculus, geometry or probability, math courses often cause us, students, a whole hell of a headache – take no offence please, math enthusiasts; we’re not here to advocate a ‘romantic movement’ of some (scientific) sorts.

And the solution?! Sure enough, there’s no simple quadratic formula for that one, too!

(Galois-Refresher (for the no-matter-how-hard-it-gets-geeks out there): Problems of degree higher than 5 are unsolvable via basic operations. And that’s only polynomials. We haven’t transcended up the infinite path seeking to UN-unknow the unknown. Yet.)

Mathematics is an art.

So is education.

And anyone – ANYONE – can become an artist. Teachers and Learners alike.

And like any craft, mastering it takes time. And effort.

A whole bloody lot of ‘em!

Forget about school. At all levels.

Let’s try our hands, together, at bending the fabric of our univers…ities.

Need customized assistance? Supplementary material?

The Internet is overflowing with those, and we may not be offering what’s lacking.

But, as the saying goes: “A good answer must be reinvented many times, from scratch.”

As of the time this is posted, we’re still a site under construction.

Planning to be, by early 2022, a construction site where math minds are to be engineered, and fostered.

Yours MathemaGically,


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